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Blood Orange Lake - Official Video

Blood Orange Lake is the 3rd release from InMe’s upcoming 7th studio album Jumpstart Hope. It’s a crazy, heavy, brutal love song. Following the band's videos for previous singles For Something To Happen and The Next Song, the video for Blood Orange Lake is laced with an underlying narrative that continues the interlinked story that has unravelled across the band’s two previous releases, but with a slightly different approach to the love story that has unfolded thus far. The video premiered online with Metal Hammer in August 2019. Listen to the new track here:

Blood Orange Lake - Artwork ©Tom Dalton

Blood Orange Lake - Artwork ©Tom Dalton





The Next Song - Official Music Video

The Next Song is the 2nd release from InMe’s upcoming 7th studio album Jumpstart Hope. It is an unapologetic confession about struggling to let go, showcasing the bands unique take on dark anthemic rock. All of the orchestration on Jumpstart Hope was written and recorded by the extremely talented Andy Wilson-Taylor, of Midgar. The Next Song strongly showcases his skill and we are all extremely proud of what he adds to the album. Listen to our new track here:

The Next Song - Artwork ©Tom Dalton

The Next Song - Artwork ©Tom Dalton



[COMING 2019]

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‘Jumpstart Hope’ is the most meaningful, intimate, and passionate album we have ever made, and also by far the most collaborative. It is dark, powerful stuff with the most honest and personal songs we have ever recorded.

We are in a very real way a new band and have taken creative steps we have never tried before whilst making our proudest album ever. We cannot wait to show it to you.

Jumpstart Hope will be released in 2019 on Killing Moon Records.

The first single, For Something To Happen is now available internet-wide, click below to stream or download now:


And then there were 5.

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We are incredibly excited to be continuing our journey with John O'Keeffe joining us on guitar🤘 As a lifelong InMe fan, we've got to know John very well since he started coming to watch us play many years back. John has since been touring with us for several years on our merch table and, more recently, has been joining us on stage for a few songs. We feel this lineup is the strongest yet, we are working more collaboratively than ever and we can't wait to show you what's in store. We're determined to make our September shows the best yet and we know that the new lineup will make this happen. We can't wait to get back on the road, play some shows and have a good time.

"It’s not very often somebody gets to say that they joined their favourite band."

- Welcome to the band John :)

You can pick up tickets for our September Jumpstart Hope tour right here:



We are InMe and we make music. For ourselves, and for you. We aren't the biggest band, or the smallest, but we love doing what we do.

The music industry has changed significantly since when we first started; the reality is that most bands struggle to make money. In fact, we have day jobs! We are on Patreon because as a band, we need ongoing, additional finance to help us.

For example, we are currently recording our 7th Album right now - and the amount of money available will dictate where we record it and master it, and how many days we can spend in the studio. There's literally no end to how useful additional band funds can be, from booking transport and accomodation to producing a new video: the more funds we have available, the more we can do and the better quality it can be.

Once part of the Patreon family, you’ll have access to a fresh stream of exclusive high quality content, ranging from our upcoming album demos through to unreleased behind-the-scenes studio footage. Click below to help InMe to grow and continue doing what we (and hopefully, you) love. And know that we are very, very grateful to any help you give us, as this means the world to us: